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Attraction Marketing – Finding The People You Want To Work With

by Dean R Black on October 9, 2013

Attraction marketing has been used as an effective business building technique since long before it was even called attraction marketing. Some people seem to intuitively understand that in order to find the kind of people they want to work with, they have to be that person themselves. Many, many others seem to struggle with this idea.

attraction marketingIf you’re one of those people who think you’ve got to pretend to be something you’re not – the “fake it til you make it” crowd – then you’re probably struggling to build the kind of business you’d like to have. Even if you can manage to recruit bodies into your business, you’ll likely find that you’re having a hard time getting the right kind of people.

Attraction Marketing – How Does it Work?

So, how do you use attraction marketing to draw the type of people to you that you want to work with? If you want to attract a certain type of person then you need to develop into that person yourself first. If you are first successful, confident and happy, then people who are that way naturally will be attracted to you. If you want to attract positive, motivated, self starters into your business, then you need to be positive, motivated and a self starter first. People will recognize the way you are, even if it’s subconsciously, and be drawn to you.

Attraction Marketing - A Universal Truth

Attraction is universal, meaning that it happens to and by everyone, all the time.  You may not even realize that you have been practicing attraction marketing your whole life. The people who choose to be around you are drawn to you for some reason. They see things in you that they like or that they see in themselves. This could be a positive characteristic or a negative one. But that is the reason they are attracted to you.

If you have a specific set of values and you are very clear on who you are and you know yourself well then there is no way you could be attracted to or attract people who have a different set of values than you have. For example if you are positive, confident, friendly and outgoing then you will attract and be attracted to people who have these same characteristics.

Attraction Marketing – The Cornerstone of Magnetic Sponsoring

To learn more about attraction marketing and how to effectively use it to build a successful business, you can read Mike Dillard’s book Magnetic Sponsoring. This is one of the first things I read when I got involved my network marketing business. It’s written in very easy-to-understand, practical language that is simple to incorporate into your way of thinking about your business. I highly recommend not just reading this book, but studying it thoroughly. Mike Dillard also has some very useful videos that you can watch in just a few minutes.

Use the principles of attraction marketing in your everyday interactions and be the person you want to attract and be attracted to. You’ll be amazed by how effective and simple this technique really is.

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