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Funded Proposal – The Secret Weapon Of Successful Marketers

by Dean R Black on June 18, 2014

Raising money for any venture is often very difficult not to mention the greatest challenge that faces most businesses which is marketing. The funded proposal solves this problem beautifully. Let me explain why.

Setting up a business is usually considered a complicated affair by many but many don’t understand that marketing the business is even a larger challenge than the setting up.

These complications in marketing can however be fixed easily by adapting the funded proposal concept.

The whole idea behind marketing in a network marketing business is to get as many potential clients as possible, whom you
then convert into leads and then sales.

This can be a long, slow and complicated process and of course the end result is always somewhat unforeseeable.

What occurs with many businesses is they run into money difficulties before these marketing efforts can be turned into cash flow.

Many people have discovered that a funded proposal will take them a step further than the standard coaching employed by most network marketing businesses.

Funded Proposal 1The Funded Proposal – The Concept

The idea is that a marketer sign ups as many other potential network marketers as they can and takes them thru an  extensive training routine, which helps them set up their businesses so these people are added to their team.

The most important difference however between this and the previous methodology is that each new marketing specialist who is recruited into the team has to pay a small charge for the coaching.

It is this small charge that the recruiter uses to cover any funding gaps there might be between their marketing costs and products sales.

By charging this fee, you get the leverage to keep on training as many people as possible who will finally turn into great
movers of the product without spending any of your own cash when you’re not sure of the future of your cash flow.

Naturally you stand to gain if you can do this correctly.

The Funded Proposal – Instant Cash Flow

You have got no idea if the new sign ups will make any sales in the future and your attempts could come to zilch, so you don’t have to depend on any money the new hire will be making in the future. The money these new sign ups have to pay for coaching will help your cash flow now, as you wait for future prospects.

It is this that gave birth to the funded proposal and it has been demonstrated to be an especially successful methodology
because it takes care of its own expenses as it grows.

It is however crucial to try and ensure that the amounts you charge are not too much for the new recruits as this can turn
a few people off and jeopardise your activities.

It’s essential to offer great product information and training to make this option work in the initial stages, and it’s also
essential that you find the correct candidate who will convert the training into leads and then sales, it’s the only way to
ramp up your business.

The ones that can grasp the break that your coaching offers them will often grow to become very good marketing experts with good sales figures that sustain your business, and this is why a funded proposal is such a good idea.

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