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MLM Attraction Marketing – The Secret To Building Your MLM Business

by Dean R Black on March 24, 2014

You’re really serious about building your network marketing business. So you contacted family, friends, work-mates and associates. Now you have simply run of out people you know so you are taking a closer look at discovering what mlm attraction marketing is all about.

MLM Attraction Marketing – The Difference

Normal advertising and promotional methods lead with your products, services or business opportunity in the hope that someone will be interested enough to take another look. MLM attraction marketing leads with value-based content, information people are actually trying to find, and then directing them to learn more.

MLM attraction marketing has changed the dynamics of the industry in just a few short years. Rather than teaching your team to “prospect” everybody who can mist a mirror and pass them immediately to a company business presentation, attraction marketing is more about branding you as the leader people are trying to find and leading with your experience as a non-paid consultant first.

You’re selling YOU and the benefits of working with YOU.

mlm attraction marketing1MLM Attraction Marketing – Getting Started

So how do you get started in the magic marketing strategy we call mlm attraction marketing?

It’s easy actually. Simply stop selling and start leading with value. Come from the position of needing to help people get need they need firstly – answers to their questions, a bit of technical support, or straightforward words of support.

Establish a relationship. Care enough to care and make it known that you really do care even if you don’t ever do business together.

As an example, instead of right away sharing what your prospect can do for you (get your products or join your opportunity ), turn the table and ask what you can do for them. How are you able to bring value into their lives at the moment? Without recourse. Without expecting anything in turn?

MLM Attraction Marketing – Know, Like and Trust

If you’re growing your business offline, the same principles apply but you are usually limited as to how many new relationships you can form and maintain simply because you only have so much time.

But online, using the world wide reach of the internet, there are no such boundaries as you can establish and maintain relationships with hundreds, even thousands of people around the planet using state of the art communication technologies.

Think email autoresponders. Offer something of value like a free five day bootcamp or other value-based content in exchange for their contact information. Then simply follow up over a period of time. Provide superb value and, over the course of time your new contacts will come to understand, like and trust you as the leader they are looking for and may eventually join your business.

MLM Attraction Marketing – The Value

So where do you get all this valuable content, bootcamps and webinars to draw in your audience? There are two possible choices.

You can make your own content, publish it and promote it. And every successful marketer will ultimately do this at some point. Or you can actually invest in one of the many mlm attraction marketing systems available today and use the content they provide.

This is usually a wiser choice, especially in the beginning, as you can gain immediate access to complete coaching webinars, bootcamp series and even software tutorials produced by top revenue earners. You offer this good quality content free and it brands you as being somebody of value.

The important part when using mlm attraction marketing and advertising to successfully generate leads, brand your self and sign up new team members is be unique.

Quit pitching and start sharing. Locate a why to differentiate you from all other competitors on the market and strive to make it comfortable, enjoyable and profitable to hang out with you and your team.

MLM attraction marketing is potent if done correctly. If completed improperly, it simply will not work.

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