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How To Generate Leads

by Dean R Black on October 9, 2013

How do you generate leads for your Network Marketing business? Well, there are several ways, but let me talk about why you need leads. The Network Marketing industry is all about recruiting. You have a product to promote which comes with an opportunity.

While you can make money selling your company product, the real money is in recruiting and team building. If you’re serious about building a large team in this business, you’re going to need a lot of targeted leads. After burning your way through your warm market, you’re going to have some trouble recruiting. Now let’s talk about lead generation.

You can generate leads online or offline. Online Network Marketing lead generation is a little more technical than offline lead generation. Online marketing in general is not for everyone, this is why you may want to start offline. But, if you want to start online, read this article. All you need is a website, a presentation and an autoresponder to capture your visitor’s contact details.

Your website should always offer something free in return for your visitor’s contact info. If you have a presentation online, this will be very easy. You can have your autoresponder send an email to all your leads inviting them to view your online presentation. However, you can go the other route and just call up your leads.

Either way, once you have your system setup and a website ready to capture leads, you’re good to go. You can start to think about website traffic generation. You can generate traffic in about 100 ways. The most popular traffic generation strategies include pay per click advertising, social media, blogging, article marketing and eve the complicated SEO.

All you have to do is pick one traffic generation strategy and master it. If you’re reading this article then you can master traffic generation. All it takes is the ability to use Google, learn new information and implement it. Now that’s all there is to it. Pick a strategy from the five I suggested and do some research. You just have to drive visitors to your website; you will be generating leads before you know it!

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