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How To Use Online Video Marketing For Free MLM Leads

by Dean R Black on October 13, 2013

Online Video MarketingOnline video marketing is a great source for lead generation for any business you may be operating. It is especially good when you want to generate free leads for your home business.

Online Video Marketing – My Story

When I started marketing online I gravitated towards online video marketing pretty quickly. I liked how easy it was to turn on my webcam and just shoot a few minutes of video.

I quickly got a bunch of videos up and started getting hundreds and then thousands of views on my videos. This generated a lot of leads for me and shot me right to the top of one of my companies I was working with.

I am now the teacher for that company, I train all the new members, and I also host many training webinars for the whole community. All from online video marketing.

Online Video Marketing – What Do You Need

The great thing about online video marketing is you do not need much in order to create your videos.

Most computers now come with a webcam, or you can use you smartphone video camera. I do not use any editing software because I think it is better to look real rather than staged.

This is important. You want your videos to look real. If they looked too planned out and over produced you will turn a lot of people off. People want to see YOU and they want hear the content you have. They do not want to see over production.

Online Video Marketing – Is That All There Is To It?

It would be nice to be able to say that’s all there is to it but I would be lying to you if I told you that.

Online video marketing takes work just like anything else. You have to have relevant content and you will need to be taking to the correct market.

How do you find that correct market?

How do you get your videos in front of your market?

These are things you will need to know in order to have success with any marketing method.

That’s why I recommend a proven system that has been around for 5 years as of this writing. It is a complete educational platform that will teach you everything you need to know to have success in your home business, including online video marketing.

In addition to the marketing training there you will also learn about branding yourself and funded proposals. The funded proposal is what allows you to make money off the people who do not join your home business opportunity.

All the training you need is right inside My Lead System Pro ( MLSP )

That’s the system I started with online and that’s the same system I use today. I credit MLSP for all my success online. I either learned it inside MLSP or I learned it from people I met because of MLSP.

As I said above, I teach all the new members of MLSP and I look forward to getting you started on your journey.

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